Friday, June 21, 2013

been a while!

hey everyone. Its been a while since posting on this blog. The girls are great, getting big. The girls just had their recital and it was lovely. Payton wasn't that interested in it at all so she will not be in it again until maybe next year. Sam loves it.


The girls

My little Payton.

Sam is in the purple.
   Sam also finished her year of preschool. She will be starting PreK in the fall since her birthday is after the cutoff and is being redshirted. Payton will remain home with me for another year before she starts her year of preschool before going into PreK too.
This year Sam is turning 5 and wants a hello kitty party. Payton will be 3 with a supergirl party. They will have a joint birthday to save on money. :)
Stuff with me has changed as well. Found a love for fitness training. I am currently using a personal trainer and going to the gym as well as working out at home. Using the carb cycling diet from Chris Powell and I found the diet for me. I plan on getting cosmetic surgery in the form of Breast reduction and tummy tuck to fix my hernia once I reach goal weight of 140 or 20% body fat which ever comes first. I will posting weight loss stuff on my other blog. Hopefully once I am healed up and back to training I am going to get my certification in personal training and trx training.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

In my neck of the woods!!

Our little girls are growing up. Sam is now 4 and Payton is now 2. Sam has started preschool
She loves it!!
Ive starting my dieting and exercising again in hopes to reaching my goal by my 30th birthday in April. is where I am blogging my journey.
That's about it. Preschool, dance, acro and my weight loss journey. Busy as bees.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August~ always busy

Well Right now I have a 2 yr old now. She started dance 2 weeks ago too. Payton is such a lil big girl. Love her something fierce.

Isnt she cute!!!

Sam will be 4 next Tues. She also starts Preschool on 9/4 too. Growing up so fast.

Second year ballet and tap and her very first school outfit. She picked it out herself.

Other updates are we are prepping to buy a house!!! Hopefully by this time next year well will be either in a house or searching for that perfect one!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


My lil world is kinda lonely right now. My poor kids dont have any friends. I feel so bad. Hopefully once Sam starts preschool shell make some. Only 3 n half months til her birthday and she has requested an unicorn party (purple unicorn to be exact). So i am doing that with a pastel rainbow thing. Paytons is only 3 months away and shes having a watermelon bbq pasrty. lots of red n green!!!! Cant wait.
This saturday is Sams dance pictures. Then the next Saturday is her recital!!! cant wait. Then dance will be over for the unseen future. Soccer will be something we try in the fall.
Social networking.... wow. why include someone in an email when that person isnt invited to the playdate?!? oh well. Its all good. Vent complete.

Started working out again trying to get from frumpy housewife to strong sexy woman and to be a better role model for my girls. With Sam being a bean pole not sure shell have problems with obesity but Payton is built more like me so I need to make sure she knows what to do to be a fit person. Obesity is huge with out kids in this country and it is the parents job to make sure that this gets resolved. Taking recess or pe out of schools is a terrible idea. We need to fight that~!! just like we need to fight the taking of the arts out of school.
Off my soap box for now!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"No More Diapers" Party

Well on Sunday 4/22 we had a lil party to celebrate the fact we do not have diapers in this house anymore. We had a slumber party where my lil niece who is also on the potty training wagon came over Sat and stayed the night. She worse panties like my girls did and stayed dry all night like my girls did. Hurray for Alice. I made the girls shirts with their names on them.

    The next morning I made them rainbow pancake. I made a batter from Bisquick and divided it into 5 sections. I made pink, purple, mint green, orange and blue colors. 

We had a Bbq with hot dogs and chips and Cupcakes!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!!!

This Sunday will be the party of the decade. Well in a mommy's world it is one of them. I will be officially saying bye-bye to diapers this Sunday!!!! Payton is potty trained in both #1 and #2 DAY & NIGHT!!!! Hardly any accidents. We havent ventured out and about with just panties on but that will be soon.
Sunday I am throwing a party for the big girls in my life. I have invited my niece over to celebrate too because she is close to being out of pull-ups too. I will be having cupcakes and small decorations and a cook out with hotdogs and sausage.  So fun!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


have recently gotten obsessed with Pinterest and the many sewing ideas. I have started making the girls clothes for summer.
Heres some of my faves:
made the girls coordinating dresses. <3 this pattern.

Shirried Twirly Dress

One Shoulder Dressy Dress

Summer Pillowcase Nightgown

Raglan Summer Dress
Update!!! Pattern links available. Check them out!!!